Slice of pâté Riesling

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    Pork meat, aromatic garnish, Riesling, spices (basil, cayenne pepper, marjoram, nutmeg)
    a slice of 150 g / vacuum-packed

    Store between +1°C and +4°C

    Possible traces: NUTS
    Stuffing (pork, lean bacon, white wine (SULFITES), onion, parsley, shallot, spices and herbs, preservative: E250), dough (WHEAT flour, BUTTER; water, salt, white vinegar), jelly (water, white wine (SULPHITES), animal gelatin, SOYA, salt, dextrose, vegetable extracts, acidifier: (citric acid, spices), gilding (EGG and coffee extract).
    Possible traces of NUTS and GLUTEN

    Average nutritional values per 100g: Energy: 1017kJ / 244kcal - Fat: 15g - of which Saturated fatty acids: 7.9g - Carbohydrates: 14.4g - of which Sugar: 0.5g - Protein: 12.3g - Fibre: 0.8g - Salt: 0.6g .

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