Ice cream tarts
Notice to lovers of frozen sensations: you will be able to melt with pleasure!
Dairy products and fresh fruits, all the ingredients used have been carefully selected for their impeccable taste quality. Let yourself be tempted by these frozen desserts, the meticulous production of which respects the product as much as possible. 
Ice creams & sorbets
Our "full fruit" sorbets and our generous ice creams are made from the best natural ingredients.
Handcrafted, we offer you a wide variety of creative and gourmet flavors.
Cool bags
From now on, don't be afraid to bet on our ice creams and sorbets. For this, we offer you packaging adapted to transport, which will preserve your frozen desserts, whatever the duration of your journey.
A new packaging has been designed and adapted to maintain a quality of freshness and taste in our ice creams. A pure moment of delight.