Cloche d'or : Boutique-restaurant Bistro by Oberweis

Chic and cozy are the key words. It is in this silky setting that Maison Oberweis considers the ideal tasting of sweet and savory creations, whether for breakfast, tea-time, or any other break. 
Using the finest ingredients, unique flavors are crafted with passion and mastery by our inspired chefs. Punctuate your days with gourmet pleasures that evolve with the seasons.

        1, rue G. Kroll L-1882 Luxembourg (activity area Cloche d'Or)

         (+352) 40 31 40-1

       Mon / Fre : 07h15 - 17h30 | Sat : 08h00 - 17h30

        Restauration - Bistro by Oberweis  the menu 

Accueil des personnes à mobilité réduite 
Parking accessible devant la boutique


Schifflange : Boutique-restaurant Café by Oberweis 

Rejoignez-nous pour un moment de douceur et de convivialité dans notre charmante boutique - salon de thé En plus de nos délicieuses gourmandises sucrées et salées à emporter, nous vous proposons d'y passer un moment agréable. Que ce soit pour un délicieux petit-déjeuner, une pause déjeuner gourmande ou simplement une halte gustative en compagnie de vos proches, notre établissement vous accueille chaleureusement. Notre décoration soignée et épurée offre une atmosphère accueillante et apaisante, où chaque détail a été pensé avec soin pour vous procurer un sentiment de bien-être et vous permettre de déguster nos créations en toute quiétude.

      ZAE op Herbett - L-3885 Schifflange  (on the 1st floor of the Red Rock shopping center)
      (+352)  2761431
       Mon / Sat : 07h30 - 18h00 
    Restauration - Café by Oberweis  the menu
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Parking gratuit devant la boutique



Kirchberg Shopping Center : Boutique-restaurant Café by Oberweis

During your shopping session in the Kirchberg shopping center, consider taking a gourmet break in the lounge of the Oberweis shop, or taste a wide choice of savory and/or sweet treats to take away. 

     5, rue Alphonse Weicker Luxembourg
      (+352) 42 94 09
     Mon / Fr : 07h45 - 20h00  | Sat : 07h45 - 19h00 
    Restauration - Café by Oberweis  the menu
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City Concorde : Boutique-restaurant Bistro by Oberweis
Discover the tasty world of the Oberweis boutique in the City Concorde shopping center. She practices her art with excellence and originality to offer you unforgettable moments of discovery, escape and sharing. Whether at the table in his "Bistro" or at the counter, combining shopping and pleasure has never been easier.

     80, route de Longwy L-8060 Bertrange
     (+352) 44 81 27
    Mon / Thu: 08h30 - 19h00 | Fri: 08h30 - 20h00 | Sat: 08h30 - 19h00 
    Espace restauration - Café by Oberweis  the menu
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.A real "corner" in the heart of Luxembourg's central station, the Oberweis shop is a must, whether for the outward or return journey of your journey, the selection of savory and sweet products to take away presented will make your trip better.

      Gare Luxembourg ville Luxembourg
     (+352) 40 31 40
        Lun / Ven : 6h00 - 19h30 | Sam : 06h00 - 18h00  | Dim : 06h00 - 13h30  
 Take away 
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Everything is dedicated to indulgence and sharing delicious moments. The place is made up of large open volumes which make the different spaces very pleasant and provide a feeling of great comfort.
Simply come to buy a lunch or have lunch on site, customers spend a real moment of pleasure. This place, like no other, corresponds in all respects to the values of the Oberweis family: indulgence, elegance and refinement.

     16, Grand-Rue Luxembourg
     (+352) 47 07  03
     Mon / Sat: 07h45-18h00  Café by Oberweis 
     Restauration - Café by Oberweis  the menu
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It is in the pedestrian center, at Hauptmarkplatz 1, a prime location with a view of the main square that you can discover our shop. From now on, it is not only in Luxembourg that you will be able to taste the sweet and savory products of Oberweis.

    Hauptmarktplatz, 1
    +49 651 1451 7813
     Monday / Saturday : 09h00- 17h00

   Accessibility for people with reduced mobility 


The Oberweis restaurant is located on the first floor of the airport. With its wooden structures and elegant decoration, this restaurant will immerse you as soon as you enter in a very friendly atmosphere. Savor a delicious meal while watching the flypast from the runway view.
The Oberweis shop offers you a selection of sweet and savory dishes with unique tastes "made in Luxembourg" to taste as soon as you arrive.

​      Luxembourg Airport  
    The restaurant   (+352) 2464 7412
    The shop    (+352)    2464 741
    Restaurant : Mo / Th : 09h00- 18h00 | Fr : 09h00 -20h00 |
                                   Sat : 09h00 - 15h00  | Sun : 11h00 - 18h00    
          Info et menu
     Shop : opening hours adapted to departures and arrivals
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Nothing better than taking a break rich in flavors in the Kirchberg hospital hall
Ideal for savoring a moment of relaxation around a good coffee for breakfast, for tasting delicious savory products or enjoying a pleasant tea time with sweet notes.

     9, rue Edouard Steichen. L-2540 Luxembourg Kirchberg
       (+352) 2468-1
     Hôpital : Mon / Fre : 07h00 - 18h30 | Sat/Son and holidays : 10h00 - 17h30
           Maternité : Mon / Fr : 10h00 - 16h00 | Sat/Son and holidays : closed                       
 Accessibility for people with reduced mobility