Team Spirit

Our teams

Just like the links in a chain, Maison Oberweis’ various teams are firmly interlaced. The creative, production, packaging and quality teams each have their own experience to offer, contributing to the success of our products and 100% customer satisfaction. These rigorous quality standards are shared by everyone at Maison Oberweis and can be seen in production and service alike, with 340 people working daily to share their passion with you.

Our creative team adapts our products to the taste of our customers, the production team brings expertise and innovation, our packaging team works to enhance our variety of products, and the quality team ensures that the high standards for which Maison Oberweis is known are upheld.

Creative team

Before new recipes can be enjoyed by our customers, the research and development team comes into play. Tweaking yesterday’s recipes to meet today’s tastes, ensuring our products reflect the latest trends and creating new delicacies requires not only a healthy dose of expertise, but also a curious mind.

Maison Oberweis’ innovations are never left to chance: careful consideration, testing and fine-tuning all form part of our creative team’s daily work in creating our sweet and savoury delicacies. Our research involves a number of stages: combining flavours and textures, refining the recipe and ensuring the product looks its very best with a display that maximises its visual appeal. The composition of our menus is the result of careful consultation, ensuring harmony in flavours and a balance in foods used, based on different themes.

The creations you find at the delicatessen counter are the product of our chefs’ inspiration at Maison Oberweis. Adapted for sale in-store, for transportation and for home preparation by our customers, our savoury specialities have to undergo the same stages as our sweet creations before they receive our stamp of approval.

Updating our seasonal menus is a major date in the Maison Oberweis calendar! The menu overview tells you what’s new and shows you our year-round best-sellers as well as our seasonal specials. To meet specific customer requirements, Maison Oberweis can personalise products and create themed buffets, including exotic, creole, Asian etc.

Our restaurant menu isn’t overlooked when it comes to updating either, and we offer new recommendations every week.

Production team

Our earliest risers are our bakers, who arrive from 2am to ensure that our customers enjoy fresh bread every morning. They are followed by our pastry chefs at 3am and then our traiteurs at 4.30am. Our production team leaves nothing to chance in ensuring that each day’s orders are delivered and that stores are restocked daily with our fresh sweet and savoury products. There are no fewer than 120 people working to produce Oberweis’ delicacies.

Our recipes have now gone digital so that we can plan the quantities of the ingredients required to create them to perfection. A buyer heads out daily in the early hours to monitor and refine the range and quality of ingredients depending on availability. Highly rigorous about the extreme freshness of our products, Maison Oberweis is not afraid to buy fruits requiring careful handling like blueberries so we can offer our customers the most delicious tarts possible. So the tart you buy will have been prepared that very morning using fruit picked the day before!

Packaging team

The final link in the production chain, our packaging team ensures that customer orders arrive present and correct, without any damage during transportation, and that stores are restocked several times a day. Our packaging team also ensures our products look their best, creating attractive displays for buffets and drinks receptions. More decorative, our pralines’ packaging changes with current trends and seasons.

Quality team

All of our hygiene and safety best practices can be found in the “Oberweis Charter” which each new employee must sign and promise to comply with. To ensure these guidelines are correctly enforced, all production and sales staff undergo training once they join the company.

For each of our creations, microbiological analysis allows us to test the product’s conformity and to determine its expiry date. There are instructions for the conservation of each product, which are also issued to all stores. More generally, a number of tests are carried out weekly on our ingredients and finished products.

Various checks are carried out daily on the cleanliness of workstations and tools, staff hands, the temperature of refrigerated display cases and also on maintaining the cold-chain and the hot-chain.

As part of our quality system, we provide written guidelines on cooking methods, recipes and procedures implemented by each team (packaging, transportation, production). The labelling used on packaged products must include the list of ingredients as well as the expiry date.