Our partnerships

Relais Desserts International

Created in 1981, the association “Relais Desserts International” brings together ten countries, forming a long chain of some of the most reputed pastry chefs in their profession with shared high professional standards.

Each member undertakes to adhere to a charter of criteria ensuring quality excellence in terms of hospitality, the presentation and display of products and compliance with hygiene standards.

As professionals of the highest level who share a rigorous approach to their work, they are driven by the same quest for excellence. Always on the lookout for new taste sensations to satisfy their customers, they draw on one another’s experience in their creations. A melting-pot of ideas, their professional meetings offer a preview of the trends which will be delighting the taste buds of gourmets during the upcoming season.

Maison Oberweis is part of this pastry-chef elite working to ensure its customers’ culinary pleasure.

Find out more at  www.relais-desserts.net

Le Club de Croqueurs de Chocolat

Great chocolate-lovers, informed consumers, fine connoisseurs and above all, passionate, the members of the association "Le Club des Croqueurs de chocolat" come from extremely varied professional backgrounds. Arts and professions combine. The ultimate proof of this is its diverse membership, ranging from writer Irène Frain to fashion designer Sonia Rykiel.

During their meetings, these connoisseurs give enlightened views on new chocolate flavours. Tastings in all different shapes and sizes, including bars, bonbons, bites, truffles, confectionery but also pastries, cakes and biscuits, mousses and cream desserts, ice creams and sorbets, liven up their five annual meetings. A guide published each year gives an overview of their findings and offers readers advice on how to make the right choice.

Since 1981, when the association was created, these chocolate lovers have held 110 meetings and tasted 800 chocolates!

Pit Oberweis is an active member of the Club des Croqueurs de chocolat.

Find out more at  www.croqueurschocolat.com