A vocation born out of a school essay, a curious mind, a desire to create, a quest for perfection, the need to innovate; these have been the drivers behind the work of Pit Oberweis for some fifty years now.

With its first store in Limpertsberg, the first order delivered by motorbike, and an already pervasive desire to innovate, Maison Oberweis has always been driven by excellence.

Though modestly successful, Pit Oberweis has never been happy to settle for great achievements, instead striving to imbue his creations with exotic tastes which awaken the senses of his customers to new flavour horizons.

Passing on his expertise to ensure the continuity of his passion is symbolic of Pit Oberweis’ commitment to his work, and he can take pride in having trained some of the top chefs. He has also been a member of judging panels for the Meilleur Apprenti, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and Charles Proust awards.

A member of the associations "Relais Desserts International" and "Les Croqueurs de Chocolat", Pit Oberweis has contributed to the creation of baking without borders.

Always on the lookout for new flavour combinations, Tom and Jeff Oberweis have inherited from their father his taste for the unexpected and his quest for perfection, both of which they have passed on to their teams.

Pit and Monique and Tom and Jeff are continuing the journey which began 50 years ago, fuelled by an unwavering passion and ongoing desire to delight new generations of gourmands.