Family Tradition

Poets, magicians, artists, researchers, creators... How do you describe a tradition which dates back to 1964, which changes as the months, seasons and years pass by, whose mission is to help you rediscover yesteryears tastes or explore exotic flavours from around the world?

Behind this reputation lies a range of chocolates which exemplifies the perfection of this artisanal tradition. They are prepared using experience, a meticulous choice of ingredients, the highest of quality standards and an unwavering quest for innovation.

From the very beginning Pit and Monique, and later their two sons Tom and Jeff, have poured their expertise and creativity into their work to awaken your inner gourmand and heighten your senses.

Thanks to its rare authenticity and attention to detail, Maison Oberweis is now part of Luxembourg’s gastronomic heritage and is proud to supply the Royal Court.